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Sculpting class Testimonials

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Barney, no not Barney Stinson! But he is just as funny and legen-wait-for-it-darrry!!! He is extremely patient while teaching and will sit and listen to your stories while you strive to complete your "masterpiece". Read More
I've benefited immensely, from clay modelling classes at Sculpt Monkey. The instructor has in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and is an expert w.r.t intricate details like muscle flow and bone structure. Read More

Client Testimonials

I just received the puppy figurine set and I'm drowning in the cuteness of the puppies. The craftsmanship is par excellence. I can't wait for the next series!
The Lions are so majestic. Exactly what I was looking for. They adorn my gate, glaring fiercely at passers-by. I'm getting some beer mugs from Claystation and I've asked them to make a vase for me. Here have a look at those Stoneware Lions!
I purchased the playful puppy figurine. Received it the next day after I placed the order. Product Finish - Excellent. Packaging - Excellent. Delivery - Excellent. GO FOR IT!!!!