Making of – Body Swapper Fridge Magnets

Body Swapper Fridge Magnets

There are many fridge magnets out in the market place. They all come in different sizes, shapes and level of details. While looking at different designs I began to wonder: "Can a simple fridge magnet be more than just something stuck on a fridge?"

Most of us carry around a passport size photo as they can be useful at any time. Although potentially useful, it mostly fades and sticks to the insides of our wallets or purses. These passport size photographs are aptly nick named as "mug-shots" as you can't stylize them neither can you smile! One would never show their mug shots to others very easily!

Body Swappers Fridge Magnets Making

That's where the idea originated: that I could combined the two; fridge magnets and passport size photographs! It was easy to figure out the sizes needed based on the Indian rules for a passport size photo.

I started off by making stylized bodies for men and women. Once these were molded, several casts were made and I started experimenting with some dress styles. With each style molded, several casts were made and paint tests began.

Fridge magnets
Body Swapper test2

Once the colours were done, the sheet magnets were cut to shape and stuck onto the finished cast pieces. This took a lot of time in terms of researching and checking opinions from different people. Doing this product taught me a lot about resin casting, silicone mold making and not to mention the most important part, sculpting in oil based clay!

Body Swapper Fridge Magnet application
Body Swapper Fridge Magnet Male and Female

I hope this was helpful to someone who would like to learn this craft. To those who are struggling I would say: "persevere and keep practicing. Don't worry about failure! Put your heart into your craft/product and let it get its chance out there in people's eyes."

As you can see, these are all hand made and it is a lovely way to show and have fun with your mug-shot! If you would like to get one, head out to the Fridge Magnets page and get one for yourself.