When we were approached to make a Traditional Swaying Doll in Terracotta, we felt that this was going to challenge us! Every order is different in its own way! This posed not only a challenge to make it look good, but there was a functional aspect to this challenge! The traditional swaying doll is mostly used to show that life will be unsettling and might rock us, but we can bounce back and maintain equilibrium. It is this concept that makes one to reflect on life and be able to let go of their worries! This is the same concept used in rolly poly dollsRead More →

Mouse on a pumkin

Why sculpt? At Sculpt Monkey Design Studio, we love sculpting! My name is Barney and I make sculptures over here. Sculpting is a basic skill like drawing. While drawing is limited to 2d, sculpting engages your mind in three dimensions! Just like drawing, practice helps in perfecting your sculpting skill and making wonderful pieces of art. Sculpting doesn’t have to a skill that is available only to experts in cartoon and movie industries. Today we are going to look at one home made recipe that can be used as a sculpting material. Cold Porcelain This sculpting material is made out of things available at yourRead More →

Cute Puppy Figurines Laptop

The production of the cute puppy figurines is a journey that took more than 2 years! Back then I was still trying to figure things out in terms of taking sculpture up as a way of life. I guess fear was something that was holding me back! Puppies are cute. Their antics are clumsy, childish and heart warming! When I was designing the cute puppy figurines I was recalling how my dogs used to behave when they were just pups. They would beg for attention. They would always be ridiculously happy. They would try to chew stuff up and end up sleeping, completely exhausted whereverRead More →

Body Swapper test1

There are many fridge magnets out in the market place. They all come in different sizes, shapes and level of details. While looking at different designs I began to wonder: “Can a simple fridge magnet be more than just something stuck on a fridge?” Most of us carry around a passport size photo as they can be useful at any time. Although potentially useful, it mostly fades and sticks to the insides of our wallets or purses. These passport size photographs are aptly nick named as “mug-shots” as you can’t stylize them neither can you smile! One would never show their mug shots to othersRead More →

I had heard of the sculpting classes online and decided to give it a try. It was definitely a great decision. I have a background in art and am a practicing animator. I wanted sculpting to take me further in my artistic pursuits. Barney helped me do exactly that. He guided me through the very basics of how to approach sculpting rather than a random “how-to” session that does not prepare you for the real world. Because of his approach of the training I was able to start sculpting pretty much close to a professional quality level. After that it was of course dependent onRead More →

I’ve benefited immensely, from clay modelling classes at Sculpt Monkey.The instructor has in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and is an expert w.r.t intricate details like muscle flow and bone structure.The course helped me gain insight into correct human proportions and also helped me refine minute details, which add life to a sculpture. Anybody looking for basic or advanced skills course in clay should definitely consider Sculpt Monkey. Here’s some of my works: Harita Pillewar, Beginner’s Guide to SculptingRead More →

Barney, no not Barney Stinson! But he is just as funny and legen-wait-for-it-darrry!!! He is extremely patient while teaching and will sit and listen to your stories while you strive to complete your “masterpiece”. He will even help you name it. Mine was inspired by Annabelle doll. Of course, it looks older, it’s been so long since Annabelle haunted people so we decided to age it. Anyways, sign up for Sculpt Monkey for a fun ride with this guy! Here’s Annabelle!   – Pradyota, Beginner’s Guide to SculptingRead More →

Custom stoneware Lions

The Lions are so majestic. Exactly what I was looking for. They adorn my gate, glaring fiercely at passers-by. I’m getting some beer mugs from Claystation and I’ve asked them to make a vase for me. Have a look at the stoneware lions. – Satish Subbaiah, Principal of Lawrence High School, Sector 6, HSR Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka.  Read More →