Rustic Wooden Coasters

Coasters are something that you think of when you have a very good table or if someone points out that there is going to be a stain. Here's a project that made a coaster into a piece of art with an inspirational message!

Final Engraved coasters wide

If you have read the blog post about how I started sculpting, you would know that I struggle with drawing! I admire those who are able to draw and especially those talented in calligraphy! When my friend approached me with the idea of carving a quote on to a wooden coaster, I was excited! The amount of work available online of people drawing all those cursive lines is amazing. This was my chance to try my hand at calligraphy with shivering hands! I broke out all those markers and brush pens that I had and started trying out different styles and layouts. I figured out that I would have to stick with circular and square layouts for the two captions.

Here are some of the sketches and the final designs:

Legends WIP
Oldest and Youngest WIP

Hand carving all the text on to a wooden piece is a challenge in itself which requires years of mastery. That is why I chose to use laser engraving to put all that the cursive text on the coasters. This is the same technique that I used to engrave text in the base of my puppy figurines.

When I approached Mr. Anil of "Permanent Objects" he gave the suggestion to use teak wood and polish it up with linseed oil to protect it while giving a nice old rustic finish. Do take a few minutes to see how the rest of the project was completed; wood working to laser engraving!

Oldest and Youngest Coaster
Legends Coaster
Final wooden coasters

Do take some time to read about how we deal with challenges at Sculpt Monkey Design Studio! God bless you!