Privacy and Cookie Policy


This website uses Google Analytics as its tracking tool. Google Analytics uses cookies which maintains a standard internet information log as a text file on your own hard drive. It stores this information in a anonymous form. This means that we cannot find out your name, address, etc from Google Analytics. These cookies will be used to plot out statistics and graphs on Google Analytics as shown below.

This data helps us know how many people have visited the website and shows us the general geographic area and not the exact location! This helps in maintaining storage of products to areas of high demand and therefore reduces shipping costs and other expenses which is normally passed on to the customer unless special funding and a discount offer is available.

Google Analytics also gives information as to the gender of the customer and that helps us to make products accordingly.

We will put out plans of prospective products and try to see customer interests. This is a basic marketing practice to see if a product generates customer interest. If this fails the product isn’t made! All this is possible with Google Analytics. If you do have concerns about how Google handles cookies, please do visit:

Almost all of the analysis from this tool can be used to make our products and services better for you, our customer!

If you do wish to opt-out from Google Analytics, there is a browser add-on provided by Google here:

Personal information:

Your submission of personal information through the store is private and it belongs to you. We use it only for billing and for customer service purposes when the need arises. Your data will not be given out to any other party either locally or online. The personal information that is entered on payment gateways are to be entered by you and those are not accessible to us. Please do ensure all security protocols are followed.

If we do need your personal information for any reason, we will ask you and state the reason clearly.

For any queries, please do write to: