Masterpiece Sculpting for Chocolate casting

This masterpiece sculpting project was for a pastry institute that was taking part of a chocolate sculpting competition. As part of their competition, they are allowed to use molds. I was brought in to sculpt the face of the mad hatter for their Alice in Wonderland theme. No reference was used and they didn't want to resemble any movie. Once the basic head with a small volume for the hair was done, they made silicone molds and cast it into couverture chocolate. As part of the ensemble, they added a large hat, hair, the rabbit and other elements like a clock, tea cups, etc.

I am glad that I could be of service to the pastry institute. If you have a project and have a particular component or part that you need to be sculpted, please do contact me.

Masterpiece Sculpting - Front
Masterpiece Sculpting - Left
Masterpiece Sculpting - Right