Stoneware Lions

Stoneware Lions - Close up wide

The Principal of the Lawrence School in HSR layout needed a pair of lions for his front gate at home in Coorg. These lions were made in stoneware clay and fired ceramic without any glaze. Each lion is 18 inches tall, hollow and quite heavy! As with ceramics things can't be made as a solid piece. So I did a rough sculpt and made a plaster mold so that I can press in clay as a fairly thin sheet. After the pieces were joined the details were added and fired!

This was all made possible with the help of Claystation! Since this was the first time I was doing a statue of this size we made quite a few test lioons. You can see some of them in the pictures below. I hope you like them!

Stoneware Lions - Fired Pair
Stoneware Lions - Top View
Stoneware Lions - All
Stoneware Lions - All 2
Stoneware Lions - Raw Clay overlap
Stoneware Lions - Raw Clay overlap 2
Stoneware Lions - Raw Clay Single
Stoneware Lions - Head Sculpt