Custom Work Gallery

Thank you for looking at this custom work gallery! I have had the pleasure of working with clients on different projects with different mediums. I make sculptures out of polymer clay, terracotta, stoneware, porcelain, oil based clay, and mixed media too. If you require multiple pieces then they will molded and casted too. I make molds on order too. I have collaborated with talented artists and specialists for some. Please do go through some of these projects and I hope that it will help you in a few ways:

  1. Inspire you to make art by yourself,
  2. Inspire you to collaborate with Sculpt Monkey Design Studio,
  3. Give you an idea of what Sculpt Monkey Design Studio does,
  4. Give you an option to have Sculpt Monkey Design Studio work on a project for you.

Figurines and Statues of People

Custom 10 inch figurine

Custom 4 inch figurine with leather cricket ball base

Custom 3 inch figurine

Pets and Animals

Dog Memorial 7 cm figurine

Shih Tzu Dog 5cm figurine

Custom Bunny figurines

Stoneware Lions for the pillars of a farm house

Fridge Magnets

Indian Face Fridge Magnets

Indian Flag Hot Air Balloon Fridge Magnets

Visual Merchandising & Project Collaborations

Mini Mannequins for Tata Zoya Lace's Visual Merchandising

Mitra Robot Prototype

Masterpiece Sculpting for Chocolate casting

Other projects

Swaying Tanjore Doll

The Modern Thinker

Custom Yoda 3 inch Figurine