The production of the cute puppy figurines was a journey that took more than 2 years! Back then I was still trying to figure things out in terms of taking sculpture up as a way of life. I guess fear was something that was holding me back! Puppies are cute. Their antics are clumsy, childish and heart warming! When I was designing the cute puppy figurines I was recalling how my dogs used to behave when they were just pups. They would beg for attention. They would always be ridiculously happy. They would try to chew stuff up and end up sleeping, completely exhausted whereverRead More →

Tanjore doll making

Every now and then life throws a few curve balls at us! For me this was trying to make a tanjore doll that would sway and eventually find its balance. The customer approached me to make a wedding anniversary gift that would convey a message. The idea was to make a tanjore swaying doll! The client had seen this in a kannada movie earlier and thought that it would be a good idea as a gift with a message. The idea is that life would push us and maybe make us unstable. The idea was that we could always bounce back, or in this caseRead More →

Rakshita Painting Figurine 01

My name is Rakshita Hiremath. I am an engineer by training and an artist by choice; One that lets me achieve a fine balance between the creative liberties of art and the structured paths of the corporate world. I work mostly with water color and acrylics for which I trained under some of the well known artists of South India. I’m am open to the idea of exploring other media whenever the opportunity arises.Read More →

Barney Joseph - Sculpting

Have you ever felt that life is extremely hard and that there is no hope for you? Hi, my name is Barney and I am part of a large crowd of misplaced engineers, a growing trend in India. I started sculpting entirely by chance. Way back in 2009, I had been taking treatment for RSI related issues for both of my arms which had been troubling me since 2006. With various treatments showing no progress I was forced to find a new career without computers! Even physiotherapy hurt my hands! During a physiotherapy session, a suggestion was offered that I keep squeezing putty as aRead More →