Artist Feature: Rakshita – Painter

My name is Rakshita Hiremath. I am an engineer by training and an artist by choice; One that lets me achieve a fine balance between the creative liberties of art and the structured paths of the corporate world.

I work mostly with water color and acrylics for which I trained under some of the well known artists of South India. I'm am open to the idea of exploring other media whenever the opportunity arises.

I never cease to be inspired by how colour can breathe life into a surface, whether it is a canvas, paper or a figurine.

I collaborate with other artists to provide finishing touches to sculputures and murals through a mix of airbrushing and fine brush work done by hand. I enjoy teaching art and clay modelling while also considering myself a perpetual student of art and life. I live and work in Bangalore.

Rakshita Painting Figurine